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We wanted to take a moment to catch you up on Sims and my travel to the border of Ukraine and Romania in efforts to bring Angelina across the border and to safety.

From Trent and Muff Hartsfield

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family –

We wanted to take a moment to catch you up on Sim and my travel. After much prayer and council, it was decided that we should come home and regroup. Angelina was not going to be released to be evacuated under the existing rules and decision makers. We completely understand the cautiousness that the Ukrainian government has put in place. Trafficking of children is at an all time high. The very evilest of people are plotting to take advantage of every crack in their protection. If it means that we must wait longer and jump through more hoops to ensure that Angelina and other precious children are protected, we will absolutely follow the rules. Our goal is for Angelina to be safe and know the love of Jesus. The verse found in Psalm 46, which says to “be still and know that I am God,” keeps coming to mind. We didn’t have the immediate outcome with Angelina that we had hoped for when Sim and I first set out, but God is doing things! We have faith that doors will continue to open as we find out more information on the situation.

While Sim and I were in Romania, we made great connections and attempted to do God’s will where we could. Specifically, we supported a local minister and his family who go daily to the border where Ukrainian refugees are crossing over. These people are coming over with only what they can carry. The family tries to minister to mothers with their children. They pass out bags of basic toiletries, food, and Romanian phone cards. For those that needed a place to stay, the family host around 20 people in their parsonage daily. We were able to bless this family with supplies and food. And one day, we were able to give each person staying in the house with a new pair of shoes. To say that witnessing this heartbreaking scene over and over has changed us forever is an understatement.

God has a plan for each of us – here in America and there in Romania and Ukraine. He has a plan for Angelina. He has a plan for each orphan. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that we can put our faith and trust in the Lord. We give Him the glory for the safety and blessing of this trip. We thank Him for always being sufficient for our needs and giving our family peace while we traveled.

Please continue to pray with us. Pray for Angelina and for her safety and her little heart to be able to process what she is going through. Pray for us as we fight as a family to keep working to find her and bring her home. Pray for the workers who are trying to support refugees. Pray for the refugees trying to find a moment of peace. Pray for those still in Ukraine fighting for their country and way of life. And pray that in each of these areas that Jesus is shown to those who need him.

We can never thank you enough for your support and prayers. Please know that it is having far reaching effects on lives not just ours. You are a true blessing!

With great love –

Trent, Muff and Sim Hartsfield

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