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Because God commands it

Because they need help and they need Him

Because we CAN!

Because Serving Jesus is fun, fulfilling, and worth it!

Because we will never compete with the church, we only desire to be obedient, encouraging, and complimentary to the church.

  • Two Feet In was founded by Lakewood Baptist out of a desire to do more than we have in the past. Our desire is to help the needy while encouraging you in this exciting opportunity to pray, give, and go.

  • Two Feet In encourages your giving to this worthwhile ministry BUT only if you are already faithfully giving to your local church. If not, then we encourage you to start there, then join us on this journey.

  • Our desire is to keep the administrative cost to a bare minimum (less than 5%) and that those who need it the most get the funding and supplies they need.

  • Our board members are made up of church members who are committed to praying, giving, and going. We seek financial transparency, personal integrity, and personal accountability.


  • Ultimately, we desire to give and supply food, fund missionaries, and to facilitate short and long term mission trips to Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine.

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