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Meet Angelina & The Hartsfield's

What's Happening Now With Angelina

A Ukrainian little Girl named Angelina is in the middle of the Russia/Ukrainian War. Trent & Muff Hartsfield along with son Sim Hartsfield are trying to get Angelina out of Ukraine and to the Romanian Border to safety. Trent and Sim Hartsfield are on their way to the Romanian and Ukraine Border now in order to gain the whereabouts of the young Angelina. Go to to donate to the cause to bring Angelina home and away from the danger of the Russian and Ukrainian War.

Update: Angelina’s story is shared world wide! A father’s love that reflects our Father’s love for us. What great heights will our Heavenly Father do for us!

Thank you to everyone who is keeping Angelina, this family and all the others effected by this war in your prayers. And if you would like to support the fight for Angelina financially- please donate via the below link. Thank you again for all of the support and love for Angelina!!

Follow The Journey To Get Angelina

Day 9-10 Travel Day From The Ukraine Border Back To The United States And Continue The Fight To Save Angelina

Day 8 March 14th, 2022 Working at The Border at Siret, Romania

Day 6 March 12th, 2022 More Shopping For The Refugees